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Pirate Cheerleaders Take State!

Our cheerleaders are Varsity C State Champions!!

The Indiana State Cheer Championship is a competition held each year through member schools of the Indiana Principals’ Association. Finalists reach the state level in A, B, C, or D level based on enrollment and through a preliminary round. Charlestown advanced to the state level after a second place finish in the preliminarily round but made necessary routine adjustments in the past two weeks to overcome the leader, Tri-West, in the state finals.

Additionally, they placed 4th place in the Timeout competition, a division they’ve never even competed in before.

Congratulations cheerleaders and coaches!


WPMQ is committed to being your go-to source of information on Charlestown High School, especially in the area of athletics. We know this past year has brought about many changes, one of those being ticketing for athletic events. We have contacted the schools our sports teams will visit for the remainder of this fall season and compiled information regarding tickets for you. Please see below and save this information so you know what your options are before the game.
September 10th at North Harrison–Cash at the Gate
October 1st at Corydon–Cash at the Gate
October 15th at Eastern–Cash at the Gate & online link the week of the game
September 4th at Clarksville–NO CASH; Online Ticket Link:
September 20th at Providence–Cash at the Gate
September 27th at Scottsburg–Cash at the Gate; Online Ticket Link: **Event will not appear until within 7 days of contest
October 11th at Salem–NO CASH; Will take credit or debit at gate; Online Ticket Link: **Event will not appear until within 5 days of contest
September 11th at Salem–NO CASH; Will take credit or debit at gate; Online Ticket Link: **Event will not appear until within 5 days of contest
September 16th & 18th at Scottsburg–Cash at the Gate; Online Ticket Link: **Event will not appear until within 7 days of contest
September 29th at Jeffersonville–Cash at the Gate; Online Ticket link: **Event will not appear until week of the contest
September 8th at Corydon–Cash at the Gate
September 15th at Jeffersonville–Cash at the Gate; Online Ticket link: **Event will not appear until week of the contest
September 21st at Trinity Lutheran–Cash at the Gate
September 25th at Scottsburg–Cash at the Gate; Online Ticket Link: **Event will not appear until within 7 days of contest
September 8 at Shawe–Cash at the Gate
September 9th at North Harrison–Cash at the Gate
September 11th at Crawford County–Cash at the Gate
September 15th at Lanesville–Cash at the Gate
September 18th at Mitchell–Cash at the Gate
September 20th at Austin–NO CASH; Online Ticket Link:
September 27th at New Albany–Cash at the Gate
October 2nd at North Harrison (*JV Only)–Cash at the Gate
October 9th at New Washington Invite-Cash at the Gate

Pirate Cheerleader Isabelle Zimmerman to Continue Endeavors at IUS

With her family and coaches Pirate cheerleader Isabelle Zimmerman recently signed her national letter of intent to continue her cheerleading endeavors at Indiana University Southeast.

Indiana University Southeast, a regional campus of Indiana University, is a four-year, public, comprehensive university located in New Albany, Indiana, just across the Ohio River from Louisville, Kentucky. Founded in 1941, it provides high-quality educational programs and services that promote student learning and prepare students for productive citizenship in a diverse society, and that contribute to the intellectual, cultural, and economic development of our region.

The IUS athletic department sponsors 10 (3 men / 4 women / 3 co-ed) varsity sports, competing at the NAIA level. Known as the Grenadiers, IUS is a member of the River States Conference (Formerly the Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Conference–KIAC), one of the oldest athletics conferences in the country which began its intercollegiate governance in 1916. The River States Conference has 13 member institutions representing five states — Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The Ohio River flows through the center of the geographic region of the conference and connects the five states.

When asked about her future with the IUS Grenadiers, Isabelle had this to say: “Cheering for Charlestown has honestly had a huge impact on my life. The people I was surrounded by were not only my team, but they became my family. Together, we all were prepared to drive ourselves towards the same goals as one. The past 4 years our team has accomplished so much, and I know for a fact, that’s something I couldn’t have done on my own. It’s because we were a team that knew how to work as one, that knew what it took, and knew you don’t earn your trophies at competitions but at practice. I was surrounded by great teammates and coaches that made our environment so positive. People I knew that were pushing me not only in cheer, but in life.  With my team we have been able to place top 5 each year we have competed at State, and I was also able to earn a spot on the Academic All-State Cheer team. And now, I will get to continue my cheer career at Indiana University Southeast where I have already been so warmly welcomed. As well as, I am excited to say I will get to be coaching Jonathan Jennings game day cheer team for the 2020 season! I am sad to see one door close, but so hopeful with this new door opening. Charlestown Cheer will always hold a place in my heart, and these will be memories I will never forget. Once a Pirate, always a Pirate.”

Cheer coach Katelyn Maymon said, “Isabelle Zimmerman has shoes that will be extremely hard to fill as she moves on to bigger opportunities as an IUS cheerleader. She’s a talented athlete, a true performer in front of a crowd, a kind and encouraging team member, and a stellar student. This year she earned a spot on the Indiana Association of School Principals’ Academic All State Cheer Team, and we couldn’t be prouder of her accomplishments in the classroom! She’s a true role model for our community, giving special attention to the young cheerleaders who look up to her! More than anything though, it will be difficult to replace her passion on our team. She truly loves this sport and she 100% effort 100% of the time! ”

The Charlestown Athletic Department and WPMQ, The Pirate Network wish to congratulate Isabelle and wish her a healthy and prosperous future!

Article and photo contributed by WPMQ staff.

Pirate Cheerleader James Stacey Signs with Western Kentucky


In front of family, friends, and coaches, James Stacey recently signed his national letter of intent to continue his cheerleading endeavors at Western Kentucky University next year.

Located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, a city with a population of more than 60,000 approximately 110 miles south of Louisville and 65 miles north of Nashville, Western Kentucky’s hilltop campus is a place of beauty and friendliness.WKU’s undergraduate division offers one hundred one academic majors that lead to the baccalaureate degree and 111 academic minors are available. Nine associate degree programs are offered along with thirty-seven undergraduate certificate programs. 

The Western Kentucky athletic department sponsors 14 (6 men / 8 women) varsity sports, competing at the NCAA Division I level. Known as the Hilltoppers, Western Kentucky is a member of Conference USA, which enjoys a far-reaching fan base with its 14 members: Charlotte, FIU, Florida Atlantic, Louisiana Tech, Marshall, Middle Tennessee, North Texas, Old Dominion, Rice, Southern Miss, UAB, UTEP, UTSA and WKU.

When asked about his future with the Western Kentucky University Hilltoppers, James had this to say: “I’m very excited to cheer and attend Western Kentucky University where I will major in Computer Science. It’s going to be a memorable experience.”

Cheer coach Katelyn Maymon said, “The coaching staff is extremely proud of Jimmy’s decision to cheer for a collegiate program. We were blessed with the opportunity to coach him for his senior basketball cheer season, and during that time we loved his commitment to giving a 100% in stunting and tumbling! Flyers trusted his dedication and persistence to keep stunts in the air, and he persevered through training to achieve elite skills! Not to mention he is also a power house tumbler! Tumbling on the gym floor is not every cheerleader’s favorite task, but Jimmy was never afraid to perform elite skills to show off for the crowd. He is an amazing performer, an incredible athlete, and a great team player. We can’t wait to see what he accomplishes with the Hilltoppers of Western Kentucky! ”

The Charlestown Athletic Department and WPMQ, The Pirate Network wish to congratulate James and wish him a healthy and prosperous future!

Article and photo contributed by WPMQ staff.

Jenna Daniel is Btown Bound as a Hoosier Cheerleader

JennaDanielCharlestown High School Senior Pirate Cheerleader Jenna Daniel is seeing several years of wondering what it would be like to cheer for her favorite college sports team; become her reality.  Senior Jenna Daniel, is headed to Indiana University in Bloomington to continue her education as well as be an IU Cheerleader.  Daniel has cheered competitively and at games for four years; as well as become quit the track standout while at Charlestown High School.  Daniel’s major is currently undecided, but has successfully completed try-outs for the IU Cheer team.  Joining Jenna Daniel (seated center) for her finalized announcement to Pirate Nation are her parents Kim and David Daniel; as well as Charlestown High School Athletic Director Chad Gilbert seated end left and Charlestown High School Head Cheer Coach Mark Sherrill seated end right.  Liz Cross, the Indiana University All-Girl Assistant Coach and Amy Pearce, Charlestown HS Assistant Coach are standing left to right.  Daniel explained that over and above being a long time IU fan; she was attracted to the university’s cheer program partly based on its recent successes at the National Competition levels.  Daniel also offered to up and coming Pirates who want to succeed past high school; that they put in the extra effort daily, focusing on the future and not just what is expected.  Daniel also added that its very cooperative to be a student-athlete whom is coach-able.  Jenna Daniel wishes to thank her family, friends, coaches and God for the support and guidance through her high school career.  Congratulations to Senior Pirate Cheerleader Jenna Daniel, not only for recent achievements toward college, but also for her outstanding representation of Charlestown High School the past four years.

Glover Headed to Bellarmine to Cheer

GloverSigningCharlestown High School Pirate Senior Cheerleader Taylor Glover gathered with family and school administrators Wednesday evening to finalize her announcement to attend Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky.  Glover has participated in competition cheer and softball during her entire career at Charlestown High School.  Glover is undecided in her major courses of study at this point, but summarized her interest in Bellarmine based on its location, and existing National level sports programs, including competition cheerleading.  Glover recently received award notification of a substantial academic Bellarmine scholarship, and has already successfully completed the try-out process to become a Bellarmine Knight cheerleader.  Joining Glover during her announcement, and as shown seated on either side of her in above photo are her parents Denise and Bryan Glover.  Seated left end is Charlestown High School Athletic Director Chad Gilbert, and seated at right end is Charlestown HS Head Cheer Coach Mark Sherrill.  Standing left to right behind Glover is her brother Jacob and Charlestown HS Assistant Cheer Coach Amy Pearce.  When asked to give advice to up and coming student athletes, Glover stated that its important not to sell yourself short; rather keep using determination to put in the work to accomplish your goals.  Glover concluded by thanking her parents, coaches, and God for supporting and standing with her.  Pirate Nation congratulates Senior Taylor Glover on her college plans and outstanding representation as a Charlestown Pirate.

Laffoon Signs with Concordia University

LaffoonCharlestown High School Senior Bradley Laffoon recently gathered with family, friends, and school administrators to sign a letter of intent to attend and cheer at Concordia University, in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Seated with Bradley (center) are family members Rob and Melissa Laffoon as well as Jodie and Samuel Laffoon.  Standing and representing Concordia Cheer are Kim Dade and Morgan Rabe on either side of Charlestown High School Assistant Athletic Director Logan Johnson.  Bradley stated that he picked Concordia based on the emphasis placed on their competitive cheer program; as well as their history of success.  Bradley plans to study secondary education while attending Concordia University.  Congratulations to Bradley Laffoon on finalizing his plans for college and representing Charlestown High School.

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