Open Letter to Pirate Nation from Coach Hawkins


I would like to thank Dr. Melin, GCCS School Board, Mr. Laughner, Mr. Gilbert and the hiring committee for giving me this opportunity. Being away last year made me realize how much I love Charlestown: the community, the schools, the kids, and most of all, the football program. Charlestown is the best football community in Southern Indiana and I think I took that for granted before. I realize relationships and trust will need to be restored. I look forward to the opportunity to meet and talk with all of you. I realized I have a lot of friends and people that care about me and my family in this small town and I plan on showing you how much I care. My daughter, Laney summed it up best a few weeks back, “a year ago today, you messed up my whole life.” She cried when I left and cried when I told her I was coming back. My number 1 fan is happy again (1st relationship restored).

I cannot believe that I get a 2nd chance to coach and teach at the best school and football program in Southern Indiana. Thanks again to everyone that made this dream a reality.
Happy to be back,

Jason Hawkins