Pirate Basketball Centennial Season 1917-2017

During the 2016 Boys Basketball season, Charlestown High School Celebrated its 100th year of Pirate Basketball.  The Centennial Celebration of Pirate Basketball highlighted and uncovered a rich and intriguing Indiana boys basketball tradition of which will not only fascinated; but also spurred pride for Pirate Nation fans young and old, especially for those who left their mark.  The Celebration, at various games throughout the season, honored Pirate greats such as Steve Hamilton, Billy L. Abel, Coach John Wood, and the 1,000 point players.  The 100 years of Pirate Basketball can be relived in the publication “Pirates of the Hardwood” by Chuck E. Ledbetter, Sr; who was also honored during the Centennial season.  For more information on the Pirate Basketball Centennial Season, contact 100Years@PiratePride.BLUE.

Click on the below names to view short essays on the performances of some of the most influential Pirates of the Hardwood as Charlestown High School Celebrates its 100th Anniversary of playing Boys Basketball:

Jimmy Adams

Wayne Albright

Tom Allen

Mike Bottorff

Amos Brashear

Mark Christman

Albert Combs

Abby Conklin

Aaron Daniel

Scott Frazier

Michael Frazier

Chad Gilbert

Robbie Gullion

Alex Hall

Steve Hamilton

Kaitlynn Henning-Part 1

Kaitlynn Henning-Part 2

Frank Howard

Jerry Johnson

Norman Kalkhoff

Jim Knight

Ben D. Ledbetter, Jr.

Ray Lewis

Denny Ray Lutz

Kristin Mattox-Cox

Clayton & Zach Merschbrock

Wally Napier

Henry Parker

Harold “Dutch” Reis

Harold Wagers

Otis Webb

Hank Weedin