Information Regarding Girls Basketball Sectional #30 at Madison

The Lady Pirates will travel to Madison tomorrow evening, February 3, 2021, to take on the Lady Dragons from Silver Creek.  Below are the details released by the Madison athletic department:
5:00 Doors will open (4:45 for team door)
5:15 1st game teams can take floor for shooting
5:35 20-minute warm-ups will start without stopping
5:55 National Anthem will be presented
5:58 Introductions of all dressed players, starters, and coaches the 1st time through
6:00 Tip-off
7:35 (estimated) Empty all fans from gym and begin cleaning facility
7:40 2nd game teams can take the floor for shooting
8:00 20-minute Warm-ups will start without stopping
8:20 Intro and Tip
Benches/Locker Rooms
Silver Creek – Boys PE Locker Room – Home Bench
Charlestown – Girls PE Locker Room – Visitor Bench
Madison – Girls Varsity Locker Room – Home Bench
North Harrison – Football Locker Room – Visitor Bench
Ticket Link Information
Silver Creek vs. Charlestown Ticket Link:
Madison vs. North Harrison Ticket Link:
Seating Allotment
25% Capacity – 1100
Streaming Option
Silver Creek vs. Charlestown Streaming Link:
Madison vs. North Harrison Streaming Link: